Men's Quest

Feedback from our October 2011 Men's Vision Quest to Death Valley:

On the program leadership:
Outstanding.  Gifted.  From the heart with plenty of brains.  Provided guidance into a different world.
   --Jan Johnson, age 62.

One of the most profound, inspirational and positively life-altering events ever! Mike and Munro [the leaders] are an inspiration to others and will always remain an integral part of my life's journey with the work they have done.
   --Andy Kay, age 36.

On your experience and whether you'd recommend the program to others: My experience has been so much more than I could ever have "conceived" or "planned" in my mind.  It is truely through and from my heart that I will call and welcome those who are curious and inspired to do this process.  It is powerful and transformative.
   --John Hodson, age 36.

This was an outstanding experience that provided a much-needed crucible for some essential work--for me personally, and for this amazing circle of beautiful men.  I wholeheartedly recommend this vision quest experience to others, and want to help in sharing this work.
   --Andy Gray, age 40.

Feedback from our April 2011 Men's Vision Quest in Australia:

The Vision Quest experience has allowed me to access a deeper understanding of myself and how I am able to contribute to my own growth as a person and to the growth of those close to me.  The time spent in the bush allowed me to connect with the earth and through that connection take me to a higher level of consciousness.  The experience will have a lasting imprint on my being.  Thank you to Mike and Rob for their insight and wisdom.
     --Michael Griffiths
       Managing Partner
       LEAP Management Consultants

Doing a Vision Quest is an enormous help in overcoming one or more mental or emotional blockages or dis-eases.  By accessing the infinite healing energy of the Earth, by living with it unencumbered by food and other normal burdens of everyday life, and combining it with one's own resources, you gain virtually infinite healing energy to change one's state of mind.  I find to a large extent this is a permanent change for the better, not just a temporary "buzz.   
     --Tony Burlingham, MD

I was feeling a bit lost in my life.  Even with all the activity such as work, family, friends and community interests.  Something just wasn't quite right. After the quest, I feel settled within myself, my self-confidence has been restored and my love of life has been reaffirmed in a way that really means something to me. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who feels the call.
     --Chuck Reimal

This program was a wonderful hugely transformative journey that I enjoyed very much.  I thoroughly recommend it for those seeking self-knowledge, acceptance and clarifying the way ahead.
     --David Mallard
       Australia Post

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